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Peyton Manning & His Wife Ashley Say:

"Adopt Your Pets From Animal Shelters & Be Sure To Have Them Spayed & Neutered!"

Photograph ฉ Copyright 2002, Eric Smith.  All rights reserved.  Photo and quote are not to be construed as an endorsement of DooDoo Voodoo in any way by the Mannings; they simply support our animal charity work.  We & they believe in saving animals' lives.




This is where you can download some helpful articles we've written, our brochure, our product label, testimonials, instructions and more.
  Also shown on this page are links we know you'll find helpful if you're dealing with a dog who is soiling in the house.

To download & view some of these documents, you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available by clicking the button to the right.


• A 1-Page Overview Of Our Sister Company, Chlorfexis, Which Specializes In A Natural Disinfectant And Related Supplies
PDF Version
(374K; 7-19-20; good for sharing)

• Quick-Start Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo
PDF Version
(290K; 9-7-21)

• DooDoo Voodoo Instruction Packet
PDF Version
(1.1MB; decent resolution; 4-3-08)

• DooDoo Voodoo 2-Sided Product Brochure
PDF Version
(2.2MB PDF; 12-21-16; pictured at left)

• DooDoo Voodoo 2-Sided Cutsheet
PDF Version
(1.2MB; 4-5-18; good for sharing)


• Founder's Business Card
     PDF Version
(2-sided; 102KB)

• DooDoo Voodoo White Self-Mixed RTU Bottle Label    
<<<<< NEW
PDF Version (436KB; 11-1-17)

• DooDoo Voodoo Green Full-Size Bottle Label
PDF Version (210KB; 8-23-15)

• DooDoo Voodoo Retail Price List
PDF Version
(dated 4-7-06; 88KB)

• DooDoo Voodoo Order Form
PDF Version (dated 3-29-06; 58KB)

• DooDoo Voodoo DIY RTU Gallon Package Insert
PDF Version (dated 10-5-18; 102KB)

• Instructions For Cleaning Up Urine On Carpet Without A Machine
PDF Version (dated 6-3-15; 143KB)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo With A Carpet Cleaning Machine
HTML Version (dated 8-7-08; more thorough than the PDF version)
    PDF Version (dated 4-27-06)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo In The Laundry
PDF (dated 4-21-18)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo With A Hoover FloorMate On Hard Surfaces
HTML Version (dated 11-26-10)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo On Wood Floors & Drywall
PDF Version (450kb 3-21-17; ties in with the document below)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo On "Trashed" Wood Floors 
HTML Version (dated 6-14-11)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo On Spilled Milk Odors (In A Home Or Car)
HTML Version (dated 8-3-09)

• "Cat Pee Condo" Case Study
    PDF Version (dated 9-26-06; also contains "salvaging pee-soaked subfloor" instructions)

• Instructions For Using The SOS Subsurface Extraction Tool <<<<< NEW
PDF Version (dated 9-6-20)

• Instructions For Salvaging Pee-Soaked Subfloor
HTML Version (dated 3-30-06)
    PDF Version (dated 9-26-06; also contains the "cat pee condo" case study)

• "Rocky Cleanup" Case Study (vomit, poop, pee on carpet & deeper)
HTML Version (4-11-17)

• Instructions For Using Your Blacklight
HTML Version (dated 4-3-06)

• Instructions For Finding Urine + Education About Urine
PDF Version (dated 1-6-14)

• DooDoo Voodoo FAQ
PDF Version
(92KB; dated 4-16-07; the FAQ page linked to above is newer)

• What If DooDoo Voodoo Seems Not To Work?
PDF Version
(3-18-15; only VERY rarely does this question come up, but here are our instructions)

• Instructions For Using DooDoo Voodoo On Leather
HTML Version (dated 11-27-10)

• Other Ways To Freshen Your Air
HTML Version
(dated 11-27-10)

• DooDoo Voodoo MSDS
PDF 2004 Version (56KB; see safety precautions label below and GIF version below, too)
    GIF 2011 Version (210KB)

• DooDoo Voodoo NFPA 704 Safety Precautions Label
    JPEG Image

 • DooDoo Voodoo Testimonials
PDF Version (as of 8-24-05; 89KB)

• DooDoo Voodoo Clumping Cat Litter Flyer
PDF Version (as of 11-27-10)

• DooDoo Voodoo All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter Label (not yet available for sale outside the Indianapolis area; we're working out logistics)

• Omnisept 1-Page Cutsheet
PDF Version (as of 5-4-15)

• Omnisept Gallon Label
PDF Version (as of 5-4-15)

• Omnisept Booster Label
PDF Version (as of 5-4-15)


  Answered Questions

• Eric's Answers To Customers' Questions

    HTML Version (updated 5-17-15)

  Educational Articles

• Why Cats Fail To Use The Litter Box

    HTML Version (dated 8-23-14)
PDF Version (dated 2-20-13; 148KB)

• Feline Idiopathic Cystitis
    PDF Version
(2-26-14; goes nicely with the article above on failing to use the litter box)

• How To Introduce A New Kitty To Your Household
    PDF Version
(2-20-13; read this article first, then read the Foes article second; it's below this one)
    HTML Version (though it may be outdated compared to the PDF version)

• From Foes To Friends:  How We Convinced Multiple Cats To Get Along
     HTML Version
(read the How To article above first, then this one second)

• Pet Loss Grief In Surviving Pets by Dr. Karen Becker of    <<<<< NEW
    PDF Version

• Proper Socialization Makes A Good Puppy A Great Dog by Dr. Karen Becker of    <<<<< NEW
    PDF Version

• Pee Counseling
    HTML Version (dated 5-21-07)

• Cat Scratch Fever by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
    HTML Version (dated 1-6-14; takes you to an outside webpage)
    PDF Version (dated 1-6-14)

• Allergic To Cats? Tips by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
    PDF Version (dated 2-23-15)

• An Article/Interview About Jackson "My Cat From Hell" Galaxy by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
HTML Version

• Are You Making Yourself Poisonous To Your Cat? by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
PDF Version (dated 8-27-15)

• An Article About A New Anti-Cancer Vaccine For Pets by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
PDF Version (dated 10-11-15)

• Survey Shows Younger Generation Considers Shelter Pets Less Valuable
PDF Version (dated 1-15-14)

• How To Give A Cat A Pill
    HTML Version

• Pre-Adoption Kitty Shopping List
    HTML Version

• Kids, Pets & Allergies
    HTML Version

• Compound May End Cat Allergies
HTML Version

• Can Cats End Cat Allergies?
HTML Version

• Cleaning Up Cat Barf On Carpet (see next page listed, too)
    HTML Version

• Stain Removal (Vomited Catfood, Etc.) With DooDoo Voodoo & A Carpet Cleaning Machine
    HTML Version

(the page also contains a PDF about cleaning up extreme vomited cat blood with DooDoo Voodoo)

• Household Chemicals, Environmental Contaminants & Dead Cats
    HTML Version

• Our Thoughts On Declawing Of Cats
    HTML Version

• 15 Dogs, 45 Cats & You
    HTML Version

• A Chart About Cats' Ages Vs. Human Ages
PNG Graphic

• Toxoplasmosis & Cats:  Virtually No Risk
HTML Version
   (from Newsday; copyright acknowledged)

• Links About Getting Your Cat To Eat If He/She Doesn't Want To
   Article On

   Article On The Feline Chronic Renal Failure Website
   Article On

  Audio & Video Downloads

Coming Soon!  Pee clean-up, barf clean-up, education about indiscriminate urination and more.