Using DooDoo Voodoo With A Hoover® FloorMate
SpinScrub 800, Swiffer Wet Mop Or Rubbermaid Reveal
To Clean Hard-Surface Floors

We recently had an opportunity to use our new Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800 on the epoxy floors in our private animal-rescue facility and were really pleased with the results, so we thought we'd tell you about our experience here.  We were so pleased with the FloorMate's performance that we bought another one for our home, where we have a large quantity of hardwood flooring.

We didn't put DooDoo Voodoo in the machine and use the machine to dispense the DooDoo Voodoo like you normally would use the FloorMate.  Instead, we mixed up a big batch of DooDoo Voodoo at the 1oz.-per-quart strength in a 2.5-gallon pump sprayer we bought at Lowe's for less than $20.  Then, using the sprayer, we sprayed the walls up about 18" to make sure the DooDoo Voodoo came in contact with all the urine that may have been missed by our regular cleaning.  We let the DooDoo Voodoo run down over the coved epoxy, so gravity carried any urine down to the floor, where we could deal with it.

We worked in one room at a time and made sure to close the door to keep the cats out of the area while we were working and while the DooDoo Voodoo was drying after we finished.

We sprayed the entire floor, let the DooDoo Voodoo dwell for 15 minutes, then fired up the FloorMate on the "wash" setting.  This is the setting where the FloorMate doesn't suck up the cleaning solution, it simply agitates it with the 6 built-in, rotating bristle brushes.  Because of the slightly-textured nature of the epoxy floor in our facility, we removed the regular brush and instead used the tile-&-grout brush, which is rougher on the floors.  We normally use the regular brush on our hardwoods and it works well.

After scrubbing a 4'x8' section, we changed the FloorMate from "wash" to "wet pickup" and let it suck up all the DooDoo Voodoo.  The solution it vacuumed up was dark brown and really yucky looking, so we could tell the FloorMate was doing a good job of removing the soil that had been on the floor.

We worked on 4'x8' sections until the whole room had been scrubbed and vacuumed.  There was a little wetness left on the floor, which was fine with us because we knew the DooDoo Voodoo would continue to kill germs and odors while it air dried.

Within a short time, the room was absolutely odor-free and the floor was dry, so we opened the door and let the cats have access to the room again and moved on to another room to begin our cleaning there.  Some of our part-time animal caretakers remarked the next day how much better the cleaned rooms smelled, even before we told them what we'd done, so we consider the cleaning job a success.

If you've got hard surfaces like epoxy, tile, vinyl or even hardwoods, give this method a try.  We bet you'll have great results like we did.

Click here to search eBay for Hoover FloorMates for sale.  The search is sorted with the highest-priced items first, so scroll down to find your best deal.  The model we use is the H3060.

For Those Of You Without A FloorMate
We encourage you to get a FloorMate, but if you have a wet/dry type of ShopVac or equivalent, you can accomplish some of the same results, though with a bit more work.  Get yourself a long-handled scrub brush or stiff, narrow pushbroom, and buy a 1-gallon or 2.5-gallon pump sprayer.

Spray DooDoo Voodoo as described above, agitate with the scrub brush or broom, then extract (suck up) the DooDoo Voodoo with the wet/dry ShopVac, perhaps using the squeegee attachment that likely came with your ShopVac.

Some vacuums require a different wet-type filter be installed for this type of project, so check your owner's manual.  Also, use extra caution when using an electrical device around moisture; GFCI-protected outlets or suitable outlet strips are preferred to regular wall outlets.

What About Grout?
Tile, if it's not damaged, is generally impervious to odors and won't soak up urine.  Grout, on the other hand, is extremely porous and can be more of a challenge to get urine smell out of.

Our special-needs rescue dog (Rocky, shown here) sneaked into a tiled bathroom we normally keep off limits to him.  (Notice that his tail is a blur.  He wags his tail when he's not nipping at us.)  He did his business and once I found it, I removed it and went to work with DooDoo Voodoo and the FloorMate.

I sprayed DooDoo Voodoo on all walls and cabinetry up to a height above which I knew he wouldn't have urinated.  I let it run down to the tile floor and dwell there.  I sprayed the entire floor with DooDoo Voodoo, let it dwell for 10 minutes and then extracted it with the FloorMate.  I went around with paper towels and wiped up the excess off the walls, cabinets and floors.

At first, we thought it smelled much better in the bathroom.  But a couple days later, the smell --- though reduced in strength --- was back.  What had I done wrong?

I had not let the DooDoo Voodoo dwell long enough to soak into the grout as much as Rocky's urine did.

What's The Best Way To Apply DooDoo Voodoo To Grout?
Given that animals never just urinate on the grout lines, you do need to apply DooDoo Voodoo to your entire floor and let it dwell (longer than I did in our bathroom recently).  But the DooDoo Voodoo you apply to the entire floor doesn't need to be as strong as the DooDoo Voodoo you apply to your grout lines.  What to do...

I suggest that you purchase some squirt bottles like either of the types shown.  The first type is like what you'd put ketchup in at a restaurant; the second type has a little cap and is more like what you might use in a laboratory or a hair salon.  You can find these on Amazon or at local retailers.

Mix some stronger-than-usual DooDoo Voodoo, or even put some full-strength Concentrate in the bottle, then apply it to just your grout lines.  Let it soak in and fully dry without extracting it.  After that occurs and some time has passed, THEN you can retreat the floor with DooDoo Voodoo, let it dwell awhile, then extract the whole area.

By letting the stronger-than-usual DooDoo Voodoo soak deep into the grout, you'll be allowing it to creep into all the nooks and crannies where the urine got.

A Warning About Spot-Treating Your Grout
Note that DooDoo Voodoo is such a powerful cleaner that it WILL lighten your grout.  Thus, if you treat just one area of dirty grout, it will end up looking cleaner than the surrounding area.  You're better off treating all your grout.  Scrubbing it with a clean toothbrush will help loosen caked-on soil.

Protecting Your Grout From Future Soiling
In another bathroom (not the one Rocky urinated in), I treated all our grout with Grout Shield, which makes your grout any color you want it to be AND will keep any liquids from soaking into your grout.  I highly recommend it, though I will warn you that your abdominal muscles will get quite a workout while you apply Grout Shield.  I was a sore fellow the next day, but it was worth it.  Now, NOTHING will soak into the grout and it looks terrific.  I may use Grout Shield on the grout in the bathroom where Rocky did his business, once I get the odor under control.

You can buy handy kits that include an instructional video and all the supplies you need.  Shown above is the kit I bought.

Other Cleaning Options

Many customers spritz DooDoo Voodoo on their floor, then use a Swiffer to "mop" their floor.  I've not done this myself, as we use the FloorMate, but people swear by it.

Some people use washcloths instead of Swiffer Wet Pads.  You can learn more about this DIY way to perhaps increase your cleaning effectiveness AND save money by checking out this page.  The author gives instructions on using regular washcloths, plus vinegar, water and dishsoap, to use instead of Swiffer Wet Pads.

In case you'd rather not jump over to that page, here's the gist of what it conveys.  Click any thumbnail.

The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop
Another option for wet cleaning your floors, again perhaps with DooDoo Voodoo, is the Reveal Spray Mop.  This seems like a really smart way to clean your floors.  The things I like about it include that it has a larger mop head than the Swiffer; you can add your own cleaning solution to the reservoir; the pads are washable; there's a scrubber built in; and you can get inexpensive replacement pads and bottles online.  I haven't bought one yet, but I bet it'd be awesome with DooDoo Voodoo and very effective on pet stains and odors on floors.

On Amazon, people seem to love the Reveal, especially the latest version.  On the Rubbermaid site, the reviews are not so great, but it seems like most of the reviewers have the earlier version.

Here's a link to the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop on Amazon.  Here's a link to the Rubbermaid page.

My Two Concerns About Using DooDoo Voodoo With These Devices
The FloorMate and Rubbermaid Reveal have pumps built in, and pumps need rubber seals so they don't leak.  I have a small concern about the possibility that DooDoo Voodoo might dry these seals out, though I've never gotten a report of this from a customer.  I think that you can likely avoid this issue by flushing out your machine after using it with DooDoo Voodoo.  Be sure to run fresh, clear water through your machine in both the wash/application mode and the wet pickup mode after use to remove all remaining DooDoo Voodoo.  Do not leave DooDoo Voodoo in the solution tank or waste water recovery tank.  Rinse your bristle brush(es) thoroughly after use.  We assume no liability for incidental or consequential damages if you use DooDoo Voodoo with a FloorMate, Rubbermaid Reveal or any other type of machine.

My other concern is that you don't leave DooDoo Voodoo on your floor, where your pets might walk through it and then lick their paws.  Be sure to keep your pets away from the area while you're working on it, and until the floor is totally dry.

if you'll pay attention to these two factors, I believe you'll be rewarded with an excellent cleaning job.