DooDoo Voodoo For Real Estate Professionals
As you know all too well, listings that exhibit stains and odors don't sell, or don't sell for nearly as much as they should.  We can help.

You don't need potpourri.  You need DooDoo Voodoo.

SUPER-Effective.  SUPER-Affordable.
For as little as just
$34.90 including free shipping (for a bottle of SUPER Concentrate that will yield up to 4 gallons of ready-to-use Doodoo Voodoo) you can start to eradicate your listings' stains and odors --- including in the subfloor, pad and carpet backing.

Every Benefit You Could Want
DooDoo Voodoo is hands-down your smartest choice for odors and stains in your real estate listings.  It's a plant-based formula that exhibits none of the detriments associated with other, less effective, more expensive products.

Customers have reported for decades that it works better than anything else they ever used, which is why we have such a high percentage of repeat customers and so many referrals.

It's the most affordable product you'll find, costing as little as 49 cents* a quart.  It goes to work immediately, unlike enzyme/bacteria products.  It doesn't "see" previous treatments that may have been applied, so it'll work anywhere and on any organic stain.

Its natural citrus fragrance is tolerated well by people and pets and doesn't linger.  As a veterinary technician reported, "It just does its job, then it's gone!"  It doesn't require you to put down wet towels, plastic wrap or aluminum foil over the spots, like some brands require.  It doesn't require injecting with a hypodermic needle, as some brands recommend.  Stored properly, it has a long shelf-life (stored out of light and high temperatures, customers have reported that it lasted over a decade!).

I could go on, but you get the point:  DooDoo Voodoo is simply the best odor and stain control product in the world.  We're not kidding.

* The price per quart varies with SUPER Concentrate size and dilution ratio

DooDoo Voodoo works fantastically well on all organic stains and odors.  Food, spilled milk, red wine, cranberry juice, elderly relatives' issues, vomit, blood, you name it.  It's even effective at eradicating cigarette smoke smell from homes and cars.  Hospice organizations buy DooDoo Voodoo repeatedly.

DooDoo Voodoo works great on carpet and upholstery, but also is a powerful tool against stains and odors on countertops, grout, vinyl flooring, cabinetry and other hard surfaces.

Trust DooDoo Voodoo to help get your listings looking and smelling fresh.

Works Well With Carpet Cleaners...And All By Itself
DooDoo Voodoo is recommended for use by your preferred carpet cleaning professional instead of, or in addition to, their usual detergent or energized water.  We have recommendations about how to most effectively use DooDoo Voodoo, so be sure to check out our Quick-Start Instructions (shown here), e-mail us your question and see our site's DOWNLOADS, FAQ and CASE STUDIES pages for helpful insight.

In many instances, though, as our trademark slogan says, all you have to do is Pour It. Leave It. Love It!

We've salvaged more "trashed" carpet, pad and subfloor than you could count, so before you go ripping things up, strongly consider DooDoo Voodoo.

Makes A Great Listing Gift Post-Closing
Clients have pets or a baby?  Instead of flowers or candy, considering gifting some DooDoo Voodoo so they can keep the house fresh, clean and looking good...for when you hopefully list it for them someday.  :-)

Printed Resources
We've put together a 3-page PDF that you should read.  It hits the high points as to why DooDoo Voodoo can be such an important tool in getting your listings showing-ready...and keeping them in good condition should you ever relist them.

The PDF is targeted at realty professionals in the Indianapolis area, but is --- aside from the local delivery and consultation aspects mentioned --- every bit as applicable to you real estate pro's in other areas of the country.

In addition to looking at the overview PDF, I encourage you to look at (and print out to give your clients) our folded brochure and our 1-page, 2-sided flyer.  Both are shown here.

Take Advantage Of Our Free Advice
We have decades of experience helping alleviate the worst stains and odors, and we're uniquely qualified to advise you on how to best attack your listings' issues.  Feel free to e-mail us at  Photos are welcome.  We prefer e-mails to phone calls (and an e-mail will get responded to quicker), but our local number is 317-440-0052.

We Act With Integrity
We operate by the Golden Rule and can be counted on for objective advice, even if that means that we think DooDoo Voodoo isn't your best plan of attack.

DooDoo Voodoo Doesn't Cost.  It Pays!
Given how much a property's price can be reduced by stains and odors, let alone how many prospective buyers can be turned away, it only makes sense to depend on DooDoo Voodoo.  One agent estimated that DooDoo Voodoo raised the final selling price of a condo by
$72K versus what he had quoted prior to DooDoo Voodoo treatment.

We sell DooDoo Voodoo in both SUPER Concentrate (to which you add warm tap water) and Ready-To-Use (RTU pre-mixed) formulas and in sizes ranging from a 4oz. bottle (which yields up to 4 gallons of RTU DooDoo Voodoo at just $34.90!) up to multi-gallon bulk packs that yield hundreds of gallons and are enough to salvage even the largest home.  You can purchase securely on our site with a credit card and we ship from our Indianapolis headquarters every day at 2pm.  Click here to buy DooDoo Voodoo today!