Looking For www.SpayNeuter.net?

For some years, we had a site at www.spayneuter.net while we operated a nonprofit, feline-only, low-cost spay/neuter clinic on the east side of Indianapolis.

Sadly, due to a lack of financial support from our community and the local government, both of which we were counting on to come through for us, we were forced to close the clinic in May of 2004.  Even though it was an incredible financial drain for us personally, and we were both working over a hundred hours a week for the clinic, we loved operating it.  It was very fulfilling, we got to meet many wonderful people, we got to work with needy cats every day...and we were doing a lot of good to stem the overpopulation problem in our city, both with regard to owned animals and feral cats (every Friday was "Feral Friday" and we'd do nearly 100 surgeries).  It wasn't an easy choice to close the clinic, and we wish we hadn't had to.  If someone wins the lottery or puts us in their will and wants to help us re-open the clinic, please contact us.

Now, we help animals and their owners by promoting our proprietary pet odor neutralizer, DooDoo Voodoo.  It has oodles of features & benefits other products don't...and DooDoo Voodoo actually works like all the others "say" they do.  Up to the limit allowed by law, profits from the sale of DooDoo Voodoo are used to help needy animals, so you're not only getting a phenomenal product (read our Testimonials!), you're helping animals in need.  DooDoo Voodoo works equally as well on carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces, you can use it in your carpet cleaning machine and many people can attain total odor remediation by just applying DooDoo Voodoo and letting it air dry naturally.  As we say in our trademarked slogan, "Just pour it, leave it...love it!"  DooDoo Voodoo is effective on all sorts of organic odors and stains, including blood, vomit, feces, urine, bile and more (both human and animal).  It is the world's best product for eradicating sour milk odor, and many people around the world have saved their cars by using DooDoo Voodoo after they spilled dairy products.

We continue to operate a private rescue facility where we provide lifelong care for a large number of special-needs animals.  Note that we have never used a penny of donated money to support this facility, which is extraordinarily expensive to operate.  Our facility is not open to the public and we do not accept relinquished animals.  Funds generated by the sale of DooDoo Voodoo help support our animal charity endeavors and our special-needs rescue facility, which you can learn more about on the About Us page.

We're sorry that www.spayneuter.net no longer exists.  But, while you're here, we hope you'll look around our site and that you'll place an order for DooDoo Voodoo.  It is an incredible product and can help a lot of animals.


Eric & Julie Smith
The I-CAN Nonprofit Spay/Neuter Clinic
The Alliance For Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO)
The Indy Pets ALIVE! Coalition
The Eric & Julie Smith Foundation