Since 1988, we have been marketing what we, customers, friends, family members, veterinary technicians and top veterinarians feel is the best cat litter in the world.  Aside from the compressed newspaper kind of litter, which we use after cats have surgery, ours is the only litter we've used at our home and at our rescue facility since 1988.  We literally buy it by the truckload!

What sets our litter apart from lesser litters is that it clumps tighter than any other we've tried and that it is 100% natural.  It has no added fragrance, no added color, no extenders and no bleach.  It is 100% pure American clay that is mined, dried, vacuumed and bagged.

We feel that because of its natural color and 100% natural composition, it more closely resembles what cats are used to in the wild.  Our unscientific study at our animal rescue facility (which you can learn more about on the About Us page) showed that cats preferred DooDoo Voodoo Cat Litter 10 to 1 over other brands.

Ours is a clumping litter, which means that you just scoop out the waste; you don't dump out the box every few days like you do with conventional, non-clumping litter.  This saves you a ton of money over time and keeps your home smelling cleaner because there's not a lot of ammonia odor emanating from the urine-soaked litter.  The box stays fresher and presents a healthier, more inviting environment for you cat.

(By the way, if you're dealing with litter box issues, you might appreciate the insight we share in our article Why Cats Fail To Use The Litter Box (pdf, though it's not as up to date as the webpage).

A top veterinarian with decades of experience said, "I'm going to tell every cat owner I know that they have GOT to use this litter!"

We are working out packaging issues, so our litter is not widely available just yet.  But you can purchase it if you're in the Indianapolis area from Noah's Animal Hospital at 56th and Emerson and from the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic near 62nd and College.  Both sell it in 25# jugs.  If you're a bulk litter user and are interested in purchasing a sufficient quantity, please contact us and tell us more about your usage habits.

You can download a one-page cutsheet about DooDoo Voodoo Cat Litter here.

To the right is a close-up photo of DooDoo Voodoo Cat Litter.  Click it to see a larger (1024 pixels wide) version.

It's Science, But It Works Like Magic!